Weekly Newsletters, Fall 2008-Spring 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feminism, the OTHER F-Word, March 9th

Hello FORCErs!

So now that everyone's all nice and settled into their schedules, it's time for the first F-Word event of the semester! What is F-Word?

Basically, it's a space to ask and discuss feminism, how we feel about it, and for newbies to come into a safe space to ask any questions that they might have for our facilitator or speaker. Sometimes they follow a theme or topic. As this is the first one of the semester, we will try to touch base with the very basic fundamentals of feminism, and we encourage all nay-sayers and good sports to come and ask questions. After all, we are on a University campus, and if we're not supposed to encourage discussion, then what are we doing?

March 9th, 2009
Speaker's Platform/Lawns (Across from the 49er bookstore)

As it is lunchtime, you are all encouraged to tote your snacks or lunches around.

Feminist peace and love!


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